The REAL Fountain of Youth?


For any and all of us who have gone to extremes or spent countless hours in search of a magical solution to turn back the hands of time, guess what? I’m going to let you in on a little secret… Shhhh… There is a solution, and it’s not a hidden ancient mystery or a magical potion you can consume and instantly transform into a younger version of yourself. It is however a technique that people have been using for countless generations. It’s a little thing called “strength training.”

Strength training is an integral part of any well-rounded exercise program, regardless of your gender. It’s a shame so many women avoid incorporating it into their fitness regimen for fear that they will “bulk up.” Nothing could be farther from the truth! It’s time to kill the dated view that weight training is going to make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger! Sure, it will help you build sexy muscle, but your muscle growth is controlled mostly by your genes and diet, and very few have the capability to become that large naturally.

In addition to the various benefits to your health, Strength Training also provides abundant Anti-Aging benefits! It’s never too late to start, and the earlier you begin and the more consistent you are, the greater results you will see long-term. Consider this the best investment you can make toward your future wellness.

We already know that strength training increases your muscle strength and elasticity, but it also builds strong connective tissues, tendons, and ligaments. This in turn improves muscle tone, which from a biomechanical perspective means the ability of your muscles and connective tissue to hold your body in position. With good muscle tone, you will be better able to perform everyday activities like climbing stairs and getting out of a chair… Things that get more difficult as you age.

Now for the million dollar question… How does strength training make us look younger? It’s actually sort of fascinating. Strength training positively effects the composition of your chromosomes which have a direct impact on your gene expression. This not only slows down the aging process, but it has actually shown the ability to return gene expression to youthful levels in seniors who start resistance training.

You will see in the video below the results of one study, which showed that strength training in the elderly reversed oxidative stress and returned 179 genes to their youthful level. What that means is that it genetically turned back the clock about 10 years. Incredible, right!?

Check out this video where Skyler Tanner talks about the anti-aging benefits of strength training at The 21 Convention in Austin, TX. **WARNING** It’s an hour long… But this is GREAT stuff, guys! It will blow your mind! Especially the end!

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