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How to manifest your dreams using science-based techniques

dreamWhat if you could make your dreams come true? What if you could manifest anything you wanted? What if you had solid scientific evidence that it is possible? Guess what? You do. It is. And when you truly understand the physics behind how and why it works, your life can and will change in magnificent ways. unnamed

If you haven’t heard of the Law of Attraction, I highly recommend watching The Secret as an intro. Follow the link or search Netflix and watch it to get a general understanding, but here we’re going to dive deeper.

To attempt to state it in a simplified manner, we see because our eyes translate vibration. We hear because our ears translate vibration. Everything is a translation of physical vibration. Likewise, based on scientific evidence, we’ve found that thoughts and feelings also emit a vibration into the Universe. Since like attracts like, the Universe then sends more things that match that vibration back to you. It doesn’t matter how you identify politically or religiously…it’s physics. The law of attraction does not discriminate. It simply gives you what you think about, or more accurately… what you feel about. This can be demonstrated with the notions “Your vibe attracts your tribe”, or “Where focus goes, energy flows”. What you consistently feel, will be what you attract and experience, positive or negative.

“Man thinks he lives by virtue of the forces he can control, but in fact, he is governed by power from unrevealed sources.” -Dr. David R. Hawkins, 2013

By understanding that life is a consequence of one’s own perceptions, we can then move from victim mentality to an understanding that nothing “out there” has power over us. It’s all about how we respond. Based on our reactions and attitudes, events can be experienced as opportunities or threats.

I wish I could say that these are simple tips easy to apply to our lives, but the truth is that because of human nature, we often unknowingly get in our own way. “Because this subject matter is, in fact, extraordinarily simple, it is difficult to present in a world enamored of complexity. Despite our mistrust of simplification, we may see two general classes of people in the world: believers and nonbelievers. To the nonbelievers, everything is false until proven true; to the believers, everything said in good faith is probably true unless it is proven false. The pessimistic position of cynical skepticism stems from fear. The more optimistic manner of accepting information arises from self confidence.” (Dr. Hawkins, 2013) That said, if you can apply the information provided here to your life and your vibration, you will begin to see things change for the better. Furthermore, once you consciously recognize the positive changes taking place, the quicker things will happen for you.

Step 1: Align with your heart energy. This is a concept you’ve probably heard me talk about in previous posts such as “How to Start Thinking with the Heart” where we went into great detail about the vibrational power of heart energy. This is the first step in manifestation and will help you to implement the steps following. It’s easy to understand that you must align Spiritually, however you choose to define that, in order to be on the right life path in general, but we can also back that up with scientific research. The HEART knows that you deserve all that you want. Everything that is for your highest good comes through peace, LOVE and joy. This is the Soul’s path. Additionally, your Heart’s guidance will lead the way to the path of high vibration, which is where manifestation happens. You can feel this when you focus on gratitude for the things and people that you love, and all that you already have. When you send out gratitude, the Universe says, “here are some more things to be grateful for.” Likewise, when you ignore what you’ve already been given, and think thoughts of “not enough”, the Universe says, “here is more of not enough.” Take a look at the chart below and you can see that the frequency of Love calibrates at 500. Once you reach the 500 mark, it is easier to move higher into Joy and Peace. These frequencies are where revelation, transfiguration and illumination take place.


Step 2: Apply power. Not force. Great! Now that we’re flying in high vibes, we can talk about the left-hand section of the chart above. If you haven’t read Power vs. Force, by David R. Hawkins, I consider this a “must read” to understand the basic levels of human vibration, and the path to enlightenment. David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., is Director of the Institute for Spiritual Research, Inc. He is a widely known authority within the field of consciousness research. He writes and teaches from the unique perspective of an experienced clinician, scientist, and teacher. He has been honored worldwide with many titles. His background is detailed in Who’s Who in the World. Dr. Hawkins has lectured widely at universities including Harvard and Oxford and also to spiritual groups from Westminster Abbey and Notre Dame to Catholic, Protestant, and Buddhist monasteries. His life is devoted to the upliftment of mankind. His spiritual evolution is truly remarkable. Building on the accumulated wisdom of applied kinesiology (diagnostic muscle-testing to determine the causes of allergies and ailments) and behavioral kinesiology (muscle-testing to determine emotional responses to stimuli), David R. Hawkins MD, PhD has taken muscle-testing to the next level, in an effort to determine what makes people and systems strong, healthy, effective and spiritually sound. The findings were that anything that calibrated with the level of “truth” make individuals go strong, and anything that calibrated below the level of truth, make an individual go weak. That which weakens life energy is to be avoided, and that which uplifts life is to be realized. You cannot manifest when your intentions and actions are driven by low emotional vibrations such as pride, anger, desire, fear, guilt, etc. The dividing emotion between applied force (falsehood) versus applied power (truth) to a situation is at level 200 or that of “empowerment” and “courage”.

We see throughout the book, that any great accomplishment that has ever happened throughout history which had a lasting impression, was driven by calibrations at or above the level of love (500). This is because by the level 500, the happiness of others emerges as the essential motivating force. The high 500’s are characterized by interest in spiritual awareness, the 600’s are characterized with the good of mankind and the search for enlightenment, and from 700-1,000, life is dedicated to the salvation of all humanity. Dr. Hawkins states that “love is more powerful than hatred; truth sets us free; forgiveness liberates both sides; unconditional love heals; courage empowers; and the essence of Divinity/Reality is peace.”

Ask Yourself This Question To UpLift The People You Love And ...

“The individual human mind is like a computer terminal connected to a giant database. The database is human consciousness itself, of which our own consciousness is merely an individual expression, but with its roots in the common consciousness of all mankind. This database is the realm of genius; because to be human is participate in the database, everyone, by virtue of their birth, has access to genius” (Dr. Hawkins)

We can see how the division of power vs force has played out when we look at fundamentalist sects of various religions. “The fundamentalist’s interpretation of religious teachings, proceeding from negativity, is removed from this negativity only by truth. The lowest depictions of deity are of a god who is jealous, vengeful, and angry, a god of death far removed from the God of mercy and love. The god of righteous negativity represents a glorification of the negative, and provides for followers a disavowal of responsibility through justification of human cruelty and mayhem. In general, pain and suffering increase as one nears the bottom levels of consciousness.” “Everyone feels justified in the viewpoints that underlie their actions and beliefs. That is the inherent danger of all so-called ‘righteousness.’ Anyone can be righteous, from the killer who justifies his rage, to ecclesiastic demagogues and political extremists of all persuasions. By distorting context, it is possible to rationalize and justify virtually any human behavior.” (Hawkins) The profoundly low vibrational acts carried out throughout history in the name of religion, would make the founders of the religion shudder, for force distorts truth for it’s own self-serving purpose. Similarly, entire cultures are weakened and at risk when they’re based on principles that have been misconstrued by false interpretation. “Every individual is exploring life with a compass that has a unique setting. That any meaningful dialogue at all is possible bespeaks man’s enormous compassion for his own condition and attests that giving cohesion to the whole is an all-inclusive, overarching attractor Field (consciousness itself) that facilitates the manifestation of the possible into the actual.” (Hawkins)

Force is seductive because it can be disguised as patriotism, prestige, or dominance, where true power is often unglamorous and disguised as an individual like Mikhail Gorbachev, who wore a plain suit and easily admitted to faults, yet was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize! “The weak are attracted to and will even die for the glamour of force. How else could something so outrageous as war even occur?” (Hawkins) In the long run, force is arrogant and weak, and cannot prevail against the strong. Learning the difference between low (forceful/weak) vibrations, and high (powerful/strong) vibrations is the next step to assessing your own and thereby manifesting your own dreams.

“All of the Great Teachers throughout history of our species have merely taught one thing, over and over, in whatever language, at whatever time. All have said, simply: Give up weak attractors for strong attractors.”

Step 3: Don’t let others control your vibe. Happiness comes from within. If you need other people to behave differently for you to feel good, that’s a huge issue creating resistance in your life, which hinders your manifestation power. You can not rely on other people to act a certain way in order for you to feel good. Your own happiness must come from your own alignment. Imagine walking around with a sign around your neck that says, “Here I come. These are the things I need from you. So, when you see me coming you better act this way or I won’t be happy.” You’re going to be unhappy a lot, right? That’s exactly what you’re doing when you expect others to behave in a certain way in order to please you. You can’t control where other people are on their journey. The only thing you can control is your own alignment. And when you’re aligned with who you really are, you feel good. And when you feel good and are consistently in high vibrational states, your manifestation power is strong.

Step 4: Vibe Check. It’s extremely important to be self aware of your own vibration at all times. Dedicate time to checking in with yourself and asking yourself, “How do I feel?” Notice if there are body parts that are especially tense and holding on to a lot of pent up emotion. This will frequently be in your hips, hamstrings, shoulders, forehead and jaw muscles. Emotions are our guide to where we stand in life. Don’t ignore them, but rather learn what it is they are trying to tell you. Since we are all connected by an all-inclusive, overarching attractor field (consciousness itself), good feeling emotions are telling you that you are on the right path. Whenever you experience a low vibrational emotion, that’s an indicator that you are not aligned with the higher consciousness on whatever subject you’re thinking about at that time. For example: When you tell yourself you’re not good enough, ugly, useless, etc., how does that feel? It feels lousy, right? That’s because the higher consciousness does not align (agree) with the statement in your head, so you feel low energy vibrations. Try it again: Say to yourself, “I’ve always done my very best and people love and appreciate me.” Now how does that statement feel? It feels good because it is the inherent truth known by all of consciousness.

Step 5: Release limiting beliefs aka Resistance. Now that you’ve assessed your own vibration, what happens if you realize that you have some low vibes creating limits and resistance into the equation? The easiest thing to do when you’re thinking about something that doesn’t feel good, is to simply think about something else. Again, “where focus goes, energy flows”. When you adjust your focus onto things that make you feel good, loving, high vibes, then you realign with who you really are, and resistance and limitations are released. What about unconscious beliefs? If the belief is not sparking any kind of reaction or feeling from you, then it has no power. Therefore, there is no point in focusing on those, other than to give them more power. So, what if you’re stuck in low vibrational thoughts and feelings? Yoga and mediation definitely help! You have to release the negativity, and these are great outlets to assist you in doing so. Another tactic that I like when I get stuck, is from the book, “The Astonishing Power of Emotions” by Abraham Hicks. This tactic can be done in various ways depending on what works best for you. You can do a focus wheel, a focus list of statements, or if your feeling is about a person or situation, a list of positive aspects. The general idea is that you start where you are and keep reaching for the better feeling thought. That better thought gains momentum and more better feeling thoughts will come to join. Here is an example:

Focus Wheel | Family therapy activities, Focus wheel, Therapy tools

When you understand that the most important thing is how you feel, you will be able to quickly change directions when you are faced with low vibrational thoughts, people and situations. It really is a choice, and nothing and no one is worth sacrificing your peace. You might ask, “but isn’t it selfish to not focus on people when they’re stuck in a low vibration and need my help?” Yep. That’s what this teaching is all about – Selfishness 101. 😉 The truth is, just as you cannot pour from an empty cup… you cannot get sick enough to help the sick. You cannot get poor enough to help the poor. You cannot get angry enough to help the angry. The only way you can help others into higher vibrational states, is to keep yourself aligned with yourself. “We change the world not by what we say or do but as a consequence of what we have become.” (Dr. Hawkins) Allowing someone who is belligerently angry to pull you away from your own alignment is just pulling you into lower states of vibration, and then y’all just two belligerently angry individuals with no solution at hand. Is that really a better place to be?

If you’ve gone through all of these tactics and still have things that you’re caught up on and cannot seem to shake, I recommend doing Mel Robbins Mindset Reset, a month long program that helps you to identify your limiting beliefs and overcome them with tricks such as “think this not that“, affirmations, and other helpful actions you can implement into every day. You know what the biggest limiting obstacle is for most people? Resentment. Until you can forgive yourself and the people who have hurt you in the past, I’m sorry to say you will forever have resistance in your path. You have to let go of resentment in order to create space for creation. “Be kind and forgiving to everything and everyone, including yourself, at all times without exception.” (Dr. Hawkins)

Step 6: Tune your tuner. When You ask for something, Source Energy/God answers. If you’re not seeing physical evidence of its manifestation, that means you’re not a direct vibrational match to the thing you’re asking for. In other words, you’re not on the same wavelength as the answer, so you can’t hear it! You MUST be a vibrational match to the thing you’re asking for. Think of it like a radio dial. If Source is broadcasting on 94.5, but your tuner is set to 101.5, you can’t hear what’s being broadcast on 94.5. So you have to tune your tuner to the appropriate station. How do you do this? By being in the receptive mode. There are several ways to get into the receptive mode, but I find the easiest and most efficient method is meditation. Meditation is disconnecting your “self” with your thoughts and being willing to receive messages from your Higher Self, Inner Being, God, or the Universe – however you relate to spirit guidance. Some individuals report signs such as repeating numbers or phrases that mean something specific to them. Here’s how it works: Once you quiet your mind of all the clutter, chatter and resistance, and tune in to answers from Source energy, you will receive a thought or an inclination. You’ll know the difference in your own thought and one that’s being received by Source because of the way it feels. It’s undeniable – something that you cannot ignore. Sometimes it’s something as seemingly insignificant as walking somewhere instead of driving, but you just know that’s what you want to do. This action leads you to a series of different paths, which if uninterrupted, will lead you to the answer you’re asking for. If you subscribe to Abraham Hicks, you will start to understand more of how this works. There are numerous YouTube channels dedicated to sharing Abraham Hicks seminars if you’re interested in that. For now, you should understand simply, that in order to be on the same frequency as the things you desire, you must think and feel as if they are already a part of your reality. You must feel like you already have it. Once your thoughts and feelings are on the same frequency and vibration as the thing you want to manifest, you give the Universe a clear picture of what you desire. Which leads me to the last step – Visualization.

Step 7: Visualize and be specific! Since we now know that time is not linear, all time exists at the same time, you can connect right now to the future YOU who has already manifested your dreams. Imagine your future self living with the dream that you’ve created, it’s already done. Connect to how it feels to have your dream come true. Connect to the essence. It helps to put together a vision board and post it wherever you’ll be forced to look at it every day. I use the background of my phone and my refrigerator to focus on specific goals. However, it’s not enough to just look at the photo. Visualization means you have to allow what it feels like to be a part of that photo. In the same manner, it’s a good idea to surround yourself with photos, TV shows, artwork, etc. that create the same feelings as the ones you’re trying to create with your vision board. This is the most intense game of “fake it ’til you make it” you’ll ever play. But be careful not to hold the limiting belief of “faking it” because that implies that you don’t actually have it… and you do. Remember, thoughts eventually turn into matter… but, it isn’t just the thought, but the vibration your body sends out into the Universe. The energy attached to the feeling of the thought is what really does the manifesting.

So, those are the steps to manifesting your dreams based on science. If you liked this post, hit the like button and subscribe to have access to more information like this. Feel free to drop me a comment and let me know if there’s anything you have questions about, or would like to see here. Also check out the video below! Peace & Love. Namaste.

Hawkins, D. R. (2013). Power vs. Force. Veritas.

Beautiful Spiritual Morning Yoga Flow

To all of my friends, all around the globe:

To say that these are stressful and scary times for everyone is a gross understatement. We’re worried about our friends and family, people are losing jobs, or maybe you’re having a health scare and you’re afraid to even go to the doctor. Even worse still, some people are losing loved ones. Whatever you’re going through at this moment, I think we can all agree that there is more happening right now than simply an economic downturn.

In this spirit, I want to share something that has helped me personally, to stay centered and peaceful through all of this. I hope you enjoy this peaceful, spiritual yoga flow that’s perfect to do first thing in the morning to set your intention for the day. If you haven’t subscribed to the Boho Beautiful channel yet, you can do so here to get your FREE 14 day interactive yoga and meditation video schedule and embark upon your own personal daily yoga and meditation journey.

Peace and Love to you all!