So, here’s the dilemma… Sunday I leave for Siesta Key for a family wedding and get this – my resort doesn’t have a gym! (*Ahhh panicking!*Determined, I set out to invent a workout that I could do right in my room, on the balcony, or on the beach. The workout you’re about to read is intense. It can be done with or without dumbbells, and you can also use a resistance band. And if you’re wondering if I’m actually going to go through the hassle of packing dumbbells or a resistance band in my suitcase, the answer is yes. Yes, I most certainly am. Anyway, here is what I came up with:


Part One (Outer Thighs):

60 dumbbell side lunges (alternating)

30 dumbbell standing outer thigh lifts (each side)

50 lying outer thigh lifts

50 fire hydrants

50 walking lunges


Part Two (Booty):

50 dumbbell squats

(dumbbells on shoulders or held up)

2 minute wall sit

50 donkey kicks (each side)

50 donkey leg raises (each side)

30 one legged bridge hip raises (each side)

30 one legged bridge leg circles (each side)

100 swim kicks


Part Three (Inner Thighs):

30 inner thigh raises (alternating)

15 lying inner thigh circles

50 sumo squats (dumbbells held inside legs)


Part Four (Obliques):

30 side plank hip raises

50 elbow to knee alternating crunches

100 lying leg criss-crosses


Part Five (Abs):

20 lying double leg lifts (each side)

20 reverse crunches

1 minute plank

10 roll ups


Part Six (Arms):

40 dumbbell bicep curls (alternating)

20 tricep raises overhead

20 tricep kickbacks

40 rows

40 shoulder presses

20 push ups


*Note: try splitting your reps into two sets and alternating back and forth between moves.
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