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7 Tips for Overcoming Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic is now affecting all of our lives. Many of us are having quite understandable experiences of fear, anxiety, and concern. Read more

Two moves for total body strength


1. Weighted Sumo Squats

To start, a squat is a basic lower-body exercise. Due to the activation of more than one joint and muscle, this exercise is classified as a compound exercise. When factored into a weight training program, squats give you fast gains in size and strength. When incorporating them into your training routine, there are a number of squat variations to consider based on your individualized goals—front and back squats, overhead squat, jump squat, single-leg squat, goblet squat and sumo squat (just to name a few). A sumo squat, also known as a plie squat is a variation on a standard squat and differs in two main ways—foot positioning and muscle emphasis. Read more



So, here’s the dilemma… Sunday I leave for Siesta Key for a family wedding and get this – my resort doesn’t have a gym! (*Ahhh panicking!*Determined, I set out to invent a workout that I could do right in my room, on the balcony, or on the beach. The workout you’re about to read is intense. It can be done with or without dumbbells, and you can also use a resistance band. And if you’re wondering if I’m actually going to go through the hassle of packing dumbbells or a resistance band in my suitcase, the answer is yes. Yes, I most certainly am. Anyway, here is what I came up with:

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