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Why I stopped wearing makeup

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Fiberlash Fever!!


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For any and all ladies out there who have struggled with finding the perfect mascara, let me start by saying I feel your pain! My lashes are blonde and therefore nonexistent without mascara. To add insult to injury, they curl naturally making it almost impossible to get most mascara to apply without globs and clumps. I usually have to stick with the Maybelline and Covergirl mascara with the rubber brushes which comb out the clumps. If I have some extra cash I also really like Benefit “They’re Real” mascara which has a similar rubber applicator brush. I have to say, though that my lashes definitely still look “real” with that mascara. Which brings me to my next point… When it comes to our lashes, the bigger the better! I have always been obsessed with that big butterfly voluptuous lash look. I usually fall back on falsies if I have a special occasion to attend or go out for a night on the town with my girls. That is if I have time to apply them because let’s be honest, that’s a chore in itself. Read more

Seven Days of Samples

Summer is finally here and with the weather changing to hotter and more humid temperatures, I thought what better time to look into some different makeup options. I had been debating on changing my foundation for some time since I was going back and forth between products and my morning routine had just gotten way too dang complicated. I just could not seem to find one that worked on super humid days. A girl has needs, ya know!? Like the need for full coverage, a matte finish, and most importantly it has to last through my workouts. On most days, I’m working out at lunch and going back to my professional job the second half of the day, so I simply cannot have my makeup melting off my face. Especially considering I’m not talking minor workouts here. There are days when I’m running several miles at lunch. Intense workouts mixed with the change in weather had me up in arms. It was time for a change. So, I set out to find THE BEST foundation for humid months and girls that sweat! Continue to read what I discovered… Read more