Seven Days of Samples

Summer is finally here and with the weather changing to hotter and more humid temperatures, I thought what better time to look into some different makeup options. I had been debating on changing my foundation for some time since I was going back and forth between products and my morning routine had just gotten way too dang complicated. I just could not seem to find one that worked on super humid days. A girl has needs, ya know!? Like the need for full coverage, a matte finish, and most importantly it has to last through my workouts. On most days, I’m working out at lunch and going back to my professional job the second half of the day, so I simply cannot have my makeup melting off my face. Especially considering I’m not talking minor workouts here. There are days when I’m running several miles at lunch. Intense workouts mixed with the change in weather had me up in arms. It was time for a change. So, I set out to find THE BEST foundation for humid months and girls that sweat! Continue to read what I discovered…


Make Up Forever Mat Velvet Foundation

image mat-velvet-plus_p00014

Although I do tend to wander, here’s a foundation that I always make my way back to. It just seems to wear fantastically and is so water resistant that I have actually gone swimming in it. This is definitely a good choice for girls with semi-oily skin. I have found that it works best when applied with your fingers or a makeup brush.


Buildable full coverage

Flawless matte finish

Sets quickly

Water resistant


Small amount of fragrance included in formula which could irritate skin


MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

image (7) studiofixfluidmac

After my trial with this foundation, I thought I had found a new favorite for sure! The lasting matte finish is unbeatable. It applies easily with a makeup sponge and the coverage is phenomenal. The only con that I’ll mention about this one, I discovered when I was in Florida. In very humid climates, this almost feels sticky to the touch and starts feeling heavy on your skin. Not ideal, but this still gets a top rating!


Fullest coverage

Dramatically matte

Perfectly flawless finish

Once it sets, it doesn’t budge. This stuff isn’t going anywhere


Tends to look “fake” if applied too thick

Less water resistant than other formulas


CoverGirl AquaSmooth Compact Foundation

image (3) 72505330

I really like this foundation, ladies! It covers imperfections marvelously and is incredibly resistant to water and sweat! For the price, you can’t beat it. I would totally wear this except that it is difficult to find a color that works well with my skin tone. Most of the shades are fair to light, and the drugstores don’t tend to stock the darker shades. This is very affordable, but you also must consider how frequently you have to purchase a refill. There isn’t much provided in the container and I find myself purchasing this every 2-3 months as opposed to the more expensive liquid formulas which seem to last forever!


Great coverage

Sets quickly

Water resistant

Long wearing, even during workouts



Does not come in a broad range of shades, mostly light shades

You buy more frequently as less is provided in container


Bare Minerals BareSkin Liquid Foundation

image (13) bareskin

Another pleasant surprise! I was amazed at this foundation’s coverage considering it feels so light on your skin! This comes with an application brush, but it also applies easily with your fingertips. You can wear it alone, but for women with skin that is prone to oil, it works best when set with Bare Minerals loose powder foundation. However, considering how great this is for your skin I believe it’s worth the extra step. This foundation is said to improve your skin tone over time. Full coverage and skin loving ingredients including a coconut-derived base with jojoba-coated mineral pigments, lilac plant stem cells
and vitamin c get this foundation an A++ in my book!!


Full Coverage

Loaded with beneficial ingredients for your skin

Flawless finish


May require additional setting step for those with skin that can get oily

Not the best choice for heavy workouts


Revlon New Complexion Compact Foundation

image (5) Revlon-New-Complexion-One-Step-Compact-Makeup-open

Two words: “OIL SPILL”!! This foundation claims to be a cream-to-powder which sets to a matte finish. I found that on my skin, it instead remains a smooth dewy finish. It glides on and appears that it will have full coverage, but it does not wear well so the coverage fades throughout the day. You can literally wipe this stuff right off your face with your fingers. My skin felt so wet that I ended up setting it with a mineral powder foundation halfway through the day. This would be best for those with dry skin. My review – No Buenos!



Easy application


Oily finish

Not water resistant

Sheer coverage


NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

image (9) 10449360-1307449823-510293

Here’s an interesting choice. They call it “Sheer Glow” so I assumed that it would have sheer coverage. Not so much. This actually covered pretty well, and the finish was quite nice. Not as matte as I prefer, but it does have ingredients that are good for your skin so this is an excellent choice for women with normal/combination skin. I do wonder how much your skin actually benefits from the antioxidant content in this formula since there is such a tiny amount included. This foundation is made to be applied with your fingertips, so keep this in mind to achieve the optimal finish.


Wears well during sweating

Good for your skin ingredients


Light- to-medium coverage

Dewey finish

Doesn’t build well, cakes up if you put it on too thick.


Cover FX Cream Foundation

image (11) coverfx

Cover FX is another formula with beneficial antioxidant ingredients, and is one of the only ones I was able to find that was not tested on animals. This is known for its coverage and does stay true to its promises. You will get the best finish if you set it with a loose or mineral powder, but if you have dry skin you could probably wear it alone as the finish is actually quite impressive. This might be my imagination, but I actually think my skin looked better when I took this makeup off. Possibly a good option for winter months when we aren’t battling intense humidity.


Great coverage

Doesn’t settle into fine lines

Glides on smoothly

Feels light on skin


Wipes off easily

Must be set with powder for normal to oily skin

Bad choice if you have blemish-prone skin; the waxes and emollients it contains can contribute to clogged pores


So in conclusion, there are a lot of great options here. It all depends on your individual skin needs and what qualities are most important to you in a foundation. I ended up sticking with my Make Up Forever, so I suppose I didn’t accomplish much with this trial experiment. But it was fun!! I also really like the BareSkin liquid foundation, but I found myself running out of time in the morning because it has to be set with a powder which is an extra step for my normal routine. I guess there’s a reason our favorites are favorites. Hopefully these reviews will help some of my fellow beauty buffs out there with their hunt to find the perfect foundation.

Until next time! 🙂



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